Keeping History Alive – Remember When ……….?


Our next meeting will be on Monday, 12th September at Ashton Hayes Parish rooms

10.30 – 12.00pm

We’ll be talking about souvenirs, not only holiday souvenirs, but anything special that you’ve kept because it has special memories. Please come and join us and bring your souvenirs and memories along with you.

Tea/coffee and biscuits served.


Monday, 2nd March, 2015

Ashton Hayes Parish Rooms, Ashton Hayes

Early Radio and Television Programmes

A most enjoyable and ‘memorable’ time was had by all at the most recent meeting of the ‘Remember When’ group. The topic for discussion was early radio and television programmes, and the occasion was immediately enhanced by the presence of  Em Roberts, who brought along his collection of old radios for us to see. The sight of an old crystal set, and first models of Bush and Philco sets triggered off all sorts of happy memories for us – of times when the wireless was the only form of entertainment in the home. Not unsurprisingly, we could also remember those moments when the accumulator needed recharging and the set died – usually in the middle of your favourite programme!

Favourite radio programmes included Ted Ray, Only When I Laugh, and Round the Horn. Favourite TV programmes included lots of westerns – Bonanza, Rawhide, and Wagon Train with the women’s heartthrob, Clint Eastwood, as the young scout. And, of course, we were all very familiar with The Woodentops, Andy Pandy, Bill & Ben, the Flowerpot men and all those other features of Watch with Mother that we sat through when our children were small!

We’re already looking forward to our next meeting where the discussion might focus on early TV adverts!   ‘Oh, the Esso sign means happy motoring…’