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Thank you for volunteering to help others. Please don’t forget to fill in a Timesheet and return it to the Time Bank office, or email it to

Library now open every Wednesday 10.00 – 12.00pm

We realise our office is not accessible to everyone and so have recently moved our library book collection to the Parish rooms in Ashton Hayes.  Our library is now open every Wednesday morning from 10.00 til 12.00pm. If you would like to borrow a library book, pop in for a chat with other members or would like to discuss ways we could help you,  our volunteer co-ordinator and volunteers look forward to meeting you.  We hope to secure funding over the next couple of months that will enable us to use the room both as a drop in information centre and as somewhere to meet up and socialise.


Fundraising Concert – Tarvin

It’s just over 2 weeks now until our next concert on Saturday, 10th October at St Andrews Church in Tarvin.  We’re really looking forward to hearing Dylan Cernyw, international harpist, Ashton Folk and Steven Lucas on the piano. Tickets are available now from our office in Ashton Hayes and are priced at £10  (includes a glass of wine/soft drink and nibbles). Please call (01829) 751398.

AGM – Saturday, 23rd May 2015

The Annual General meeting of Ash-Worth Time Bank will take place on Saturday, 23rd May 2015 in the Parish Room, West End, Ashton Hayes, commencing at 10.30 a.m.

All members are invited to attend.

Ash-worth Time Bank has been helping people in rural communities for over 10 years and we look forward to offering our services for many years to come, as well as finding new ways to meet the needs of our members. Our Executive Committee members meet 6 times a year (usually between 4:30 and 6.00pm on a day of the week convenient for members). Any new committee members would be warmly welcomed.

During 2014/2015, our members have helped us a great deal with all kinds of things and we would like to thank everyone concerned for their ongoing support.

We do hope you can come along to our AGM and look forward to seeing you.


Acrylic Double Knitting Baby Wool

Can you help? Over the past few years, our knitters have knitted and crocheted thousands of baby hats for the Countess of Chester hospital.  There’s only one problem – we keep running out of wool! If you have any suitable wool to spare, please let us know. We can arrange to pick the wool up, or, if you’re in the area of the Time Bank office, please call in any morning between 9:30 and 12:30.